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My dad just yelled “I SWEAR I’LL CUT OFF WHAT’S LEFT OF YOUR DICK IF YOU FUCKING TOUCH MY COKE DON’T YOU DARE” and I came in the room like what the fuck and it was my dad holding up a shoe and my cat sitting by a glass of coca-cola with his paw almost touching inside of it and both of them didn’t even break eye contact with each other

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Hemlock Grove 2x01The beauty and the beast bitch and the prick: these two… really :´)


Hemlock Grove 2x01
The beauty and the beast bitch and the prick: these two… really :´)

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I am shipping this so hard.


I am shipping this so hard.

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Does miranda just not own any form of a bra?

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My god, miranda caste is annoying as fuck. Episode 5 in particular. Why the hell are you snooping and feeding a baby that’s not yours then acting like it’s ANY of your business. I’m surprised Roman is putting up with her shit. The guy lets you stay because your car broke, so you say thank you by fucking his ex friend, snooping and then memorizing a code to a locked room, proceed to enter, find a baby and then feed it because you happen to be randomly lactating. Best guest ever

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Characters in Season 2: Peter Rumancek

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