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I remember when you were called moshingkittens or something similar. It made me smile

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Jane Austen


Jane Austen

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Movie and Tv Shows inspired by Jane Austen and her books.

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A fondness for reading, properly directed, must be an education in itself.
— Jane Austen, Mansfield Park (via observando)
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Things I love: Jane Austen’s novels

I could not sit seriously down to write a serious Romance under any other motive than to save my life, and if it were indispensable for me to keep it up and never relax into laughing at myself or other people, I am sure I should be hung before I had finished the first chapter

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Haha I fucking love this movie and him in it

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Jane Austen first editions.

What I’d do to own those…

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Inspired by this and this

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I was quiet, but I was not blind.
— Fanny Price, Mansfield Parki (Jane Austen)

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